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About Microsoft’s Warrant Case

CASE HISTORY Microsoft is challenging a U.S. government search warrant seeking access to customer emails in Dublin, Ireland. Lower courts ruled in favor of the government and Microsoft appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals, filing its first brief with the Second Circuit in December 2014. The case has attracted... More

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Business, Media and Civil Society Speak Up in Key Privacy Case

Editor’s Note: By the end of December 2014, 28 leading technology and media companies, 23 trade associations and advocacy organizations, 35 computer scientists, the Republic of Ireland and a member of European parliament had filed 12 amicus briefs in response to the U.S. government’s search warrant demanding access to emails... More

Judge’s Order Clears Way For Microsoft Appeal

A district judge in New York today issued an order clearing the way for Microsoft to pursue its case against the U.S. government on appeal. The government has demanded that Microsoft turn over customer emails held in its data center in Dublin, Ireland. While the order today holds the company in contempt for... More

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