Our Legal Challenge to a U.S. Government Search Warrant

On September 9, 2015 the Second Circuit Court heard oral arguments in our case challenging a U.S. search warrant for customer email in our Irish data center. Our brief argues the warrant puts U.S. citizens’ privacy at risk, improperly expands extraterritorial authority and circumvents local authorities in Ireland. More

Amicus Filers Raise Concerns

28 technology and media companies, 23 trade associations and advocacy organizations, 35 computer scientists, the Republic of Ireland and a member of European parliament filed 12 amicus briefs raising concerns over the U.S. government’s decision to uphold the search warrant. These briefs make it clear that this case involves not a narrow legal question, but a broad policy issue fundamental to the future of global technology. More

Balancing Rights in a Global Cloud

Law enforcement has an important role in keeping communities safe, but the U.S. government’s approach in this case will limit the ability of a nation to protect the rights of its citizens. Governments should work together to establish international agreements that balance people’s concern for privacy and security. More

Reforming Outdated Privacy Laws

The personal data stored in the cloud deserves the same legal protections as physical documents stored in your home. The laws managing today’s digital communications were written 30 years ago and do not reflect our expectations of privacy or the nature of cloud computing. To protect personal privacy while preserving security, we need to update these laws. More



The Search Warrant Case: Consequences for Digital Privacy

Watch the highlight video from the Dec 15 event featuring panelists from legal, media, academic and civil society organizations.

The Search Warrant Case: Consequences for Digital Privacy