Sunscreen Expired, Washington?

No one should get burned by outdated laws that don’t match the technology we use today. See seven points experts are making about law enforcement access to data. More

Who Owns Your Email?

Microsoft believes you do, no matter where it’s stored. While technology advances, Microsoft is working to make sure that privacy endures and digital common sense prevails. We don’t have all the answers. But we’re committed to finding the right balance between public safety and your privacy.

2015 is the Year of Solutions

Speaking at the Center for European Policy Studies, Brad Smith emphasized that 2015 is the year of solutions, while calling for reform that will adapt laws to the technology that exists today. More

Business, Media and Civil Society Speak Up in Key Privacy Case

December 15 represents an important milestone in our litigation concerning the U.S. government’s attempt to use a search warrant to compel Microsoft to obtain and turn over email of a customer stored in Ireland. More



The Search Warrant Case: Consequences for Digital Privacy

Watch the highlight video from the Dec 15 event featuring panelists from legal, media, academic and civil society organizations.

The Search Warrant Case: Consequences for Digital Privacy